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About Us


My name is Sandra Rincon, I am the Creative Director and Founder of Keila Jewelry Design. My three children, (Keila, Jhosseline, and David) are the inspirations behind Keila Jewelry and each design we create. My husband, Julian Rincon, is a talented diamond setter who is responsible for bringing all my designs to life.

I became a jewelry designer in 2003 with a dream of creating a fresh jewelry line that woman would love. As a woman who loves to keep up with the latest trends but that also likes to find Meaning in everything I wear, I Want to bring jewelry that's beautiful and trendy, at an affordable price while still holding a meaning.

At Keila Jewelry, we make fashionable, trendy and minimalistic fine jewelry that carries a meaning. That's why when you put on one of our fine jewels, you'll know exactly what it represents. It should serve as a reminder of what matters most in your life.

Our Close to The Heart collection was inspired by the beautiful children at my church, who have taught me so much about life and love. Through them I realized that children are like empty cups – what we pour into them is whom they'll likely become.

That’s why when you wear a Close to The Heart jewel, you'll be reminded to only pour dreams, strength, time and love into your beautiful children. At the same time, you'll still turn heads with the trendy designs at Keila jewelry.

Keila Jewelry is proud to donate 5% of each purchase to one of our favorite children's foundations. With your help, we hope to help change the lives of children all over the world so that they, too, can make their dreams a reality.