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The Power Of Peridot

  • Peridot is the gemstone for the month of August.
  • The word Peridot comes from the Arabic word “faridat” which means gem.
  • Peridot is one of the few gemstones that naturally occur in only one color: an olive-green.
  • Peridot gets its yellowish green color from the presence of iron.
  • Peridot was once thought to contain rays of sunshine because of its golden color when in sunlight.
  • Peridot is the National Gemstone of Egypt. Jewelry historians actually believe that Cleopatra’s emerald collection might have been Peridot.
  • Egypt was once the source of Peridot, but now most stones come from Pakistan, Burma, Afghanistan, Vietnam, and Ethiopia.
  • It was once believed that Peridot possessed magical power. If set in gold and worn on the right hand it could prevent night terrors and bad dreams.
  • Peridot cups and vessels were used in ancient times for medicinal purposes, it was believed that drinking medicinal drinks out of them made the medicine more effective.
  •  Peridot jewelry is the traditional gift given on the occasion of a 16thwedding anniversary. 


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