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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Diamonds

1. The Diamonds in your favorite Jewelry are most likely Billions of years old.
 2. 80% of Diamonds are sold in New York City.  
 3. Diamonds are up of just one element: Carbon 
4. The word Diamond comes from the word “Adamas” which in Greek means Indestructible
5. Ancient cultures Believed that Diamonds gave the wearer strength and Courage.
6. The Ancient Romans and Greeks believed that Diamonds were tears cried by the gods.
7. The Largest Diamond found weighed 1.33 pounds (3106 Carats)
8. Cupids arrows were said to be made out of Diamonds, that would explain the association between Romance and Diamond.
9. Diamonds were thought to work as a cure for Mental illness. 
10. Diamonds are the Birthstone for the month of April.









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